How to Measure

Countertop Installation Cost Estimate

If you would like a cost estimate for installation of granite countertops or quartz countertops, please use this page to give us the measurements of your countertop area, edge style, and the color of granite or quart, and we will be happy to give you a free estimate. This is for estimates only. Before you buy, one of our installers will come to your home or business to confirm the measurements.


The diagrams and notes below will help you calculate the total area of your countertops.

countertop1                                                                                                       countertop2


Standard Width Of Countertop = 26 Inches
Standard Height Of Splash = 4 Inches

A. Square Inches Of Splash

- Length Of Back Splash + Length of End Splash = Total Splash Length
- Total Splash Length x 4 In = Sq In of Splash

B. Square Inches Of Countertop

- Length Of Counter x 26 In = Sq In Of Countertop

C. Square Inches Of Bar Area

- Length Of Bar At Longest Point x Width of Bar At Longest Point = Sq In Of Bar

Total Square Footage = (A + B + C) Divided By 144